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Why rent a living tree this year?

Delivered directly to you!

Our white glove in-home Christmas tree delivery is included at no extra cost in all of our living Christmas tree rentals. We've all seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation--there's no need to live it ourselves. Let Green Tree Project handle the work for you.


When fresh cut Christmas trees are thrown away, they rapidly release all the carbon dioxide they had been purifying from the air. Green Tree Project's sustainable Christmas trees have their roots and are planted after Christmas, so they continue to grow and positively impact the environment.

Donate your tree

At the end of the rental period, Green Tree Project collects your living, potted Christmas tree and donates it to a local nonprofit to be planted. Our nonprofit partners use our Christmas tree donation program for beautification and reforestation efforts in our community and around the state.

110% Money back guarantee
We refund 110% if you don't love your tree in the first 7 days.
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